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Target has 1,800 locations in the United States, and a large presence in India. But on Saturday, CNN reports Target a "systems issue" affecting stores, as shoppers took to social media to complain that cash registers weren't working at dozens of stores across the country. It's not clear how many Target stores were affected or what caused the outage. Employees at three different locations in Georgia told CNN the registers had been offline for about 45 minutes as of 3 pm Eastern Time.
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Netflix's Revenue for Its App Increases 90% The
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It is a fear that haunts the lives of too many
Al Jazeera
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Our Advanced Turboprop engine inspired a new generation of aerospace engineers—leading to GE Aviation's partnership with Czech Technical University.
GE Reports
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11 months ago
"The pick is in. Donald Trump has made his choice. Brett Kavanaugh will be the next Supreme Court Justice, putting the court in solid conservative hands for decades to come... As gun owners—as NRA members—we should take this appointment as a reward for our hard work. You made this happen—all of us working to get President Trump, a true 2A president, elected." —Grant Stinchfield
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Deadly flash floods hit Southern Utah Monday evening, killing 8 and leaving 5 missing.
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