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1 days ago
It Snowed so Much in Paris, The Eiffel Tower Was Closed The famous tower was closed since Tuesday due to "weather conditions" and Paris has received over five inches of snow in the past 24 hours.
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1 days ago
Have you ever wondered how your bouquet of roses eventually ends up on your doorstep? Some Valentine’s Day flowers travel thousands of miles before reaching their destinations.
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1 days ago
White House Press Secretary claims that the White House policy of "maximum pressure" against North Korea is working and that they will denuclearize. In addition she says that President Trump will not meet with Kim Jong Un before there is concrete action to that end goal taken by North Korea.
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Patti is Bacon. Katie is Egg
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Hey babes! Here is my Sri Lanka Vlof yay, I really
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Introduction to Reality Tours, a socially
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